Water Athlete Team

Brock Callen

Professional sailor, ocean guide & Best Kiteboarding team rider.

Hometown: Edgartown, MA (Martha's Vineyard)

Current Residence: Same

College: Old Dominion University

Top Speed: 47.05 knots

Background: Brock is one of the very few sailors who can make a seamless transition from the afterguard of a TP52 to near-record speed on a kiteboard.  Here's how he got there:

"Diversify: Even as a little kid when I was learning to sail my dad would take me on any boat that he was helmsman for. This carried on through college where I would sail with Old Dominion all season and then had a job as a nipper all summer.

By the time I picked up a kite in 2002 I was primed. Funny thing was for the first four years I never kited on the water. Instead we would rig up and race the blow karts on second beach. There were some pretty funny wipeouts, a lot of road rash and even a few mid February swims.

Kiting became my way to train, to innovate and learn. I lugged gear everywhere just on the hope I would get a chance to ride with someone. I was and still am your basic wind geek.

When we moved back to the Vineyard in 2008 Robbie Douglas had just set his first record in Africa and the first thing I did when I got home was I set up a meeting with him. During the meeting we both discussed the idea of bringing a top level event to the Vineyard. The idea went dormant for a while but we were always kiting together and progressing then in early 2011 he said he had gotten the cash purse from Lynch Associates and asked if I would come on as the Race Director. I jumped at the idea. Hustled my ass off, promoted the event to the max and in the mean time got myself in with BEST."


  • Transpac Race, the Bermuda Race and the Sail Martha's Vineyard Turkey Bowl!
  • 2012 IRC North American Champion
  • Transpac Race to Hawaii
  • Newport-Bermuda Race
  • Key West Race Week
  • Antigua Race Week

Music: "Listening to everything from Mos Def to Levon Helm to Lee Scratch Perry to Manu Chao. Got to have something for every mood."

Movie Quote: "That's my darlin' Luke. He grins like a baby but bites like a gator." - Cool Hand Luke

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Icarus Racing

A US-based double-handed offshore racing program created by two buddies and professional sailors, Tim Fetsch and Ben Poucher.

Tim Fetsch

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Current Residence: Charleston, SC

College: College of Charleston

Background:  Tim learned to sail on a J/22.  He started racing in J/22s, and the boats only got bigger from there.  No dinghy sailing for Tim (he really doesn't like getting wet), so he moved on to the one-design fleets in Annapolis, MD and made his bones on Farr 30s & Farr 40s.  He attended the College of Charleston, where they have a really good sailing team - which he did not join (remember that whole "no dinghy sailing” thing?).

After college, Tim became a professional sailor and boat captain, and he’s been racing in some of the best big boat fleets in the country since then including SC 70s, Swan 42s, Farr 40s, Melges 32s and of course, the Classe 40.   Tim and Ben created Icarus Racing to raise the profile of short-handed sailing in the US, support the Atlantic Cup and most importantly, have a ton of fun.


  • $2 on a scratch-off Lotto ticket last week!

Music: "Everything! XM radio is a must offshore. Country, Pop, Rap, Rock, yes, please."

Movie Quote: "Yeah, well, The Dude abides." - The Big Lebowski

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Ben Poucher

Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI

Current Residence: Coconut Grove, FL

College: College of Charleston

Background:  Ben grew up in Kalamazoo, MI as a rink rat, not a sailor. He went to the College of Charleston, and he lived there after completing school in 2005 until 2009. He had a short stay in Annapolis, then moved to Newport to run the Swan 42 Bandit Racing Team. He’s recently relocated to Coconut Grove, FL where he is combining his work for the Bandit program with an active racing schedule including everything from offshore canting keel big boats to smaller inshore boats. Ben is one of the lucky few who spend most everyday working and sailing with racing sailboat programs, and he is also heavily involved in helping with the U.S. Paralympic Sailing Team.


  • Key West Race Weeks
  • NYYC Annual Regatta
  • Block Island Race Week
  • Charleston Race Week
  • Newport-Bermuda Race
  • Charleston-Bermuda Race

Music: "I enjoy any music that makes me smile. I like everything from bluegrass to reggae."

Movie Quote: "Well, boss, if we get lost, we can just pull in and ask directions." - Captain Ron

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Heather Gregg-Earl

Owner & helmsperson of the J/70 Muse, Heather is living proof that you can combine being a full-time mom with leading a successful one-design keelboat program.

Hometown: Chatham, MA

Current Residence: Boston, MA

College: Tufts University (go Jumbos!)

Background: Heather grew up sailing on Cape Cod at Stone Horse Yacht Club, and from a very early age showed an uncanny ability to drive sailboats fast.  After an international 470 campaign, she went and got a master's degree, got a real job and then had a couple of kids, Hayden and Hadley.  During that time, her sailing focus was primarily with the NYYC Team Racing program, though she has recently jumped into the J/70 with a strong team of college sailing cronies and they seem to be having a ton of fun.


  • 2-time Women's Intercollegiate National Champion
  • Women's College Sailor of the Year
  • College Sailing Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Numerous team racing victories around the world
  • Sold the most Girl Scout cookies at age 12
  • New England Pony Hunter champion (we don't know what that is, but we suspect it has something to do with riding horses, not hunting them)

Music: Dave Matthews and R&B

Movie Quote: "We'll always have Paris." - Casablanca

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