By Sailors for Sailors

You see them around sailing towns, especially when the weather’s nice. They’re the ones that look like they’ve been stranded on a tropical island for a few years: hair a bit too long, uncombed and bleached out, crow’s feet in their 20s and hands that look like they’ve been used as cleats. Yep, the professional “yachtie” is pretty easy to spot.

These are the guys and girls you want on your boat because they embody the perfect combination of no-bull competence and great humor. They are funny as hell and they will drink you under the table and still be up before the birds, getting the boat ready to race.

They are also our friends and crewmates, and they are the sailors for whom we build our sailing gear. Because if it doesn’t pass the sniff test with this crowd, it isn’t going to fly. You think you have a sensitive BS meter? Theirs will redline at the slightest hint of something that’s not designed for a legitimate purpose, and they rely on our gear to keep them dry and comfortable on the water and relatively presentable when they’re onshore, a responsibility we take very seriously.

Pro sailors aren’t looking for high fashion – they’re more the “rugged outdoors” type, and our goal is to deliver world-class on-the-water performance with an eye toward the kind of style they’re looking for. The kind of style that works in places like Maddie’s, IYAC, Fiddler’s and the Boatyard Bar & Grill, places we sailors call home.